It was the summer of 2009 and pedicab drivers were parked at pinnacle location in downtown Vancouver from 11am to 3pm. Each pedicab was playing Latin American music. The Drivers were also trained Salsa dancers. They danced with random people as they walked by offering a quick dance lesson and a $200 coupon off a custom designed European wall beds. The duration was for the month. In such a huge success the European wall bed company within 2 days had leads lasting the whole summer.


During the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games in the heart of the night life in downtown Vancouver, free rides were offered from 6pm to 6am. A fleet of 9 pedicabs with ads on the back, brochures onboard & drivers wearing a Labatt branded jackets. 


From November 2009 to November 2011, Cruise Cab is the official tour company of the Vancouver Biennale. At the launch, Cruise Cab offered free art show tours in around English Bay.