Every Ad campaign with Cruise Cab has a HUGE brand recognition on time and on budget.
We pride ourselves in having the most innovative advertising environment for your organization. We're at the center of ALL the ACTION all year round. From every weekend, to every sporting event, festival, parade, concert and you get the idea... Although the Vancouver City by law limits the advertisement to the back of the cab, there are options to advertise on the drivers uniform, the passenger bench, and or place your ad on the drivers helmet. Email us your detailed vision with the number of pedicabs you require. We have 10 licensed and another 152 on standby. What dates are you visioning? Start & end time? Locations? Do you want to sponsor free rides by day? How many hours do you need each pedicab for each day? What's your role? When did you wanna get started? Is it for a commercial, and or a film? We'll put all our resources together to make it happen on budget and on time! With at least 90 days and sometime less notice we can make it happen. Just send the specifications to sales@cruisecab.net followed by a call to 778.891.7433