Tours:  Unlike flagging a ride, tours are calculated by the minute. This takes into account areas where there are no distinguishable blocks and allows for stops as short or as long as you like. Pedicab tours are like no other. Experience 10 hours of walking in a 2 hour tour. Preplan your route or customize as you go. It's unscripted with the best guide to passenger ratio out there. See something you like? Go explore it with your local driver. Taking pictures is fun without the glare of windows, you have 360 degree views, and open skies. Many of our vehicles have music capabilities so choose your mood. Sit back and enjoy.
Flag a ride: You can easily flag our pedicabs for short rides of less than 10 blocks or 30 minutes in downtown Vancouver. Pedicabs are found in the club district, shopping district, by the beaches, to the nearby transit stations and sports bars. Go club hopping in style while our pedicabs are loaded with the best top 40 music in almost every genre. Rates for flagged rides are as little as $2 per block per person with a minimum rate of $5 to $20 per person all in downtown Vancouver. Want to go for longer, switch to tour rates at $30 minimum per person based on $2 per minute per person. (eg. A regular $12 fare for one person when event rate in effect would cost $20 per person). Rides outside of the downtown area may start a $40pp-$80pp. For our coverage rates just click >>> "Coverage"
BOOKINGS: We do our best to make it work on short notice. However, reservations at least 4 days in advance are required to assure specific times requested. Planning ahead we can book 3+ months in advance. Send us an email with your NAME and PHONE NUMBER with best time to reach you. Please also include applicable pick-up time and location, drop-off time and location, # of passengers, date(s) preferred, description of event, company name & role, and your vision of what  we can do for your special event.