Cruise Cab has been in the pedicab business from every aspect of the environment from 1996. We've been working with several marketing companies to help develop the pedicab industry in Canada, training pedicab drivers not to manipulate the ride, and researching & developing a safer pedicab experience through our manufacturing facility. Our management has been in the event planning industry since 1988 and been driving both rickshaws and pedicabs since 1995. Then in 1996 our founder Patrik Balian developed the brand Cruise Cab in Toronto, and moved operations to Vancouver since 2005.
   Our continual route to our success comes from a fun work environment that prioritizes safety above and beyond the required city by-laws. Our corporate goal is to make your ride special and memorable. You can count on us for virtually any event and at almost every level of service. We offer the most informed chauffer service; historical tours, a variety of food tours, fashion tours, shopping tours, and an inside guide of what's happening in downtown Vancouver, to the best places to visit, shop, dine, or dance.
   All of our drivers have extensive training to work both days and nights with tours or random flagged rides in almost any weather condition. We are all fully licensed by the Vancouver City Hall to do all the hard work for you. Our drivers are health fanatics that can pedal up and down those steep hills of downtown, while you sit back, relax, and watch our fabulous city roll by at a 360 degree view.
Ask about our custom tours from $60 per person.