Wanna be a pedicab driver? Here's the 411
Based out of downtown Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada since 2007 and our management has been in the business in the sub zero or humid weather from Toronto since 1995. To be a pedicab driver you gotta love cycling 20km easily with a positive personality, can easily interact in crowds from the theater, concerts, sporting events, city festivals, can communicate fluently in English, and are teachable. Joining our team has huge advantages:
1. Rent ($$) a pedicab by day or night on weekdays or weekends as from 10am to 2pm, 7:30pm to 11:30pm, 12am to 4am
2. Fares range from $10 to $200
3. Keep all the fares and tips you make.
4. Earn good money while keeping fit.
    All pedicab drivers are representing Cruise Cab and follow the corporate guidelines. The pre-requisites regulated by the Vancouver City Hall to rent ($$) a pedicab are that all drivers must be at least 19 Years of Age or older, carry a valid BCID or BCDL, have a clear Criminal Record Report, proficient in the safety training certification. Along with getting their certification all drivers require a damage deposit, training credit, a startup rental credit, must wear a bike helmet, have a working cell phone with a text package and able to work with music in the background. Copy and Paste your resume to the body of the email to jobs@cruisecab.net with 3 reasons why we should hire you, a list of your top 5 favourite drinks and OR your top 5 favourite scenic places in downtown Vancouver. Change the email subject line to GOTTA GET GET