Our Environment is a HUGE part of our growth at Cruise Cab.
Every year we donate our time and our services to our local community and our Charities. We pride our success by making daily decisions that impact the environment from the food & drinks we consume, to the charities that we support. Every year we look at innovative methods to build a greener Vancouver for the future generations to come. Riding our pedicabs as an alternative means of travel from custom tours, flagging a ride, to an event ride defines your contribution to a 0% carbon emission sustainable transportation. With our yearly profits we support 2 local charities:
   Homeless Christmas Wish List - http://homelesspartners.com
   Hope World Wide - http://www.hopeww.org
The 3rd charity is the MORE Project - An international charity we support dedicated to changing lives & restoring families that are living in extreme poverty in Brazil. While preserving the jungles of Brazil. http://www.themoreproject.org
If your charity has an event where you would like to consider us, please email us at info@cruisecab.net with date(s), your name, your role, expected # of people to visit, and your vision. Sometimes with just a commitment of buying the ad space on the back of the ad, we'll donate at least 4 hours of our drivers to do rides by charitable payment. Just email us now. We get many inquires daily.