Welcome to Cruise Cab. What is Cruise Cab?
  We are a pedicab company that operates in the heart of downtown Vancouver, offering tours and entertaining rides. We operate all year round! Yup, in the rain, in the snow, sunshine and those weekend late nights. Some of our rates start from $2 per block per person, minimum $20 per person for events and or special requests and or flag us down in the heart of the city at a minimum rate of $5 per person. Custom tours from $2 per minute per person minimum 30 minutes, and free rides sponsored during corporate funded events. Our pedicabs are a three-wheeled vehicle with a carriage body balanced on 2 wheels in the back and a bicycle in front propelled by human pedaling. Pedicabs are the successors to rickshaws and have been widely used around the world. There are hundreds of thousands of pedicabs globally, and we have 10 available in Vancouver within a 4 days notice and 24 within a 30 days notice and 162 with a 90 day notice.
  Our pedicabs are mainly found where ever there are mass numbers of people in downtown Vancouver. From the historic Gas Town, the beautiful yachts by Coal Harbour and or Yale Town, to the sea wall by False Creak, Granville Street, Georgia and beautiful Stanley Park. From concerts, festivals, sporting events, we're parked in the shopping district, and doing our rounds during the late nights in the club districts. We provide a fun and environmentally friendly way to get around thru the city from bike lanes to car lanes.  In need of our services? Email us your request to info@cruisecab.net with your vision and how we can help, date(s), your role, along with your name, phone#, and the best time to reach you.